Thursday, March 18, 2010

Mr. & Mrs. Matthew Double a year later...

On March 21, 2009, two wonderful
people pledged their lives to each
other! We had a special celebration
for them at Tim's mother's house last
Saturday, March 13.
Here are a few pictures.

Unending Ode to One Year of Marriage

Here is the song. Now if
I can just get that video to
upload on here, you would here
the song being sung.

Tuesday, February 9, 2010

This Julia wearing her birthday dress from Grampy and Grammy (Tim and Me)on Sunday in October. Her birthday is in September. I nevber thought a black and white dress could be so pretty! And she is beautiful anyway.

In the month of October, we went to Newport News, Va. to visit with Jenn and Rick. Rick took us to a nice lake and park where we walked through woods by the water. We took lots of pictures. This was one of the resting spots. Richard, Jennifer, Julia and Christopher are seated in the picture. Valerie is standing to the side.

A Long Time Has Passed Since ...

Hi! I have had a busy life and haven't been on here much! This is the first time this new year! However, a lot has taken place, and I will try to update you all. I also hope to post some new pictures soon.
There have been events come up in my family's life that we never dreamed we would face, but we have found God's grace all sufficient for our needs. He has answered many prayers for us and we are so grateful for His help. I don't know what people do without God. Someone has said that Christians use God as a crutch. My father-in-law always told the men in the jail where he preached that he needed God every day he lives and if people want to think that he is leaning on a crutch by depending on God, that was ok.
We have traveled a rocky road, but we have had some happy times in the past year of 2009. God gave me a special song that just fitted our circumstance. It was sent just before it was needed and realized later. What a blessing!
Our son Matthew married Crystal Mace in March. Her father was not able to attend the wedding, but she and Matt were able to get wedding pictures later with him and her mother. Then God took him home after many years of faithful service as a father, husband, friend, minister and all-around handyman.
I attended a graduation in Pennsylvania. My nephew, Josh Quesenberry and some family friends graduated. Then later in the year, in November, my mother had her 75th birthday, and I wanted to have a celebration for her. The special trip was made and we did manage to keep the surprise pretty well. Not many of our family could attend, but some of the congregation from the church where John and Mom pastor came and some of the Walter family. We had a good time together and Valerie and I sang a song in honor of Mom about how she taught Valerie to read. Also, my sister Rhonda made a tri-fold arrangement and sent it to me to place on a tri-fold to display times in Mom's life. She also made a song that we all sang to Mom. It was fun!
At Christmas time, Valerie and I went to Tennessee to be with all my family. We made the trip in our son Anthony's car, a little Dodge Neon. It was a nice trip and God kept us safe.
My nephew, Joshua Quesenberry is in the Allegheny Wesleyan Bible College now. He is in one of the singing groups and is studying to be a minister. He plays the guitar. We are proud of him.
So far, I have been babysitting for my daughter Belinda at least once a week. She is still studying for pharmacy. Sarah is growing and will be 4 in June.
Jennifer is going to have her third child at the end of March or perhaps the beginning of April. Due date is March 29th. The new arrival is supposed to be a girl. I think it would be funny if the new little one was a boy! So far in Rick's family, all teh grandbabies but one are girls. Jennifer and Rick have the only grandson so far. Poor Christopher is outnumbered among his cousins.
Have a happy new year walking with the Saviour, Jesus Christ our Lord.