Monday, April 21, 2008

My Mother's Recent Wedding (Former preacher's wife marries a pastor)

A Happy Housewife's Musings

My mother was married April 19th to Rev. John Walter from Pennsylvania. My dad passed away 5 years ago and Mother was lonely. She had been praying for awhile about possibly marrying again, because she felt she was not very useful anymore. She was accustomed to a busy life as a preacher's wife. My dad pastored and preached for years. Before Daddy passed away, he and Mother were busier than they had ever been in their lives in the ministry. He was teaching in the Wesleyan Holiness Bible College and going to fill in on the weekends at churches where there was no pastor or filling in for preachers on vacations, etc. They also sang together. Daddy was very musical and played the piano, organ, guitar, accordion, and violin. So Mother was accustomed to being busy, especially in the raising of 12 children (six girls and six boys). Two of the boys passed away years ago.
After six months of praying about it, Mother received a phone call from Rev. John Walter back in February. He was interested in meeting her, but could not go to where she was because he had a very sick daughter in the hospital and he didn't want to leave her. It was arranged that Mother would go to meet him in Pennsylania. They dated a week and were engaged before Mother came home. This was a real answer to their prayers.
I am happy for them both and now we have an extended family, which is quite nice.