Monday, February 2, 2009

First Anniversary of Engagement

Some time ago, Linda Hudson asked for some other pictures of my mother's wedding. I am posting some now. We are nearing the anniversary of when Rev. John Walter asked her to marry him. It was in February. They are so happy together! April 19th, they will celebrate their first anniversary. I say, How Sweet! God is so good!

The first picture is of John's family, except for Treva, a daughter who was very ill when the wedding took place. Treva is a professional piano player, and can sing, and some other family members are talented in music and singing. The oldest son with the dark hair was the wedding photographer. The other son is a pastor at the Portage Wesleyan Holiness Church in Portage, Pa. There are two pastors' wives among the daughters and a daughter who is married to a layman in the church.

The second picture is of my brothers and sisters and me with Mom and John. My brother John is a carpenter and can play the guitar. My brother Chris is a jet mechanic and carpenter. My brother Stephen could teach school if he wanted to. He has been a football coach for several years and has worked as a security guard in a high school. My brother Terry is a mechanic.

My sisters and I are happy housewives and mothers. Ruth is a registered nurse and keeps busy with sewing for herself and members of her growing family. Anita is a cattle farmer's wife and they also take in foster children occasionally. Amy is a school teacher and a music teacher and is busy with her husband in church work. Rhonda is homeschooling her children and is busy in church work. Debbie is helping to educate Navajo children in ACE and serves with her husband in missionary work with Phoebuses. And you can read my profile to find out about me.