Wednesday, December 31, 2008

A Special Engagement

Matthew Double and Crystal Mace will be married on March 21, 2009! We are happy to welcome Crystal into our family! She is a wonderful person and will make our Matthew a very good wife! We are happy that God brought them together.

My Personal Profile

I am a Christian and mother of five,(three girls and two boys). I am 52 years old, and I enjoy life to the fullest, I think. I have three grandchildren, two son-in-laws and soon will have my first daughter-in-law!
I am happily married to a layman in the church. He is Jack of all trades and master of some,(my opinion). A mechanic, a computer whiz, a Sunday School teacher for teenagers, a treasurer, a professional bus driver, a roofer, and if there is anything else, I could put it down later.
Here are my favorite things to do. I love to try my hand at writing plays, poems and songs. I play the piano at church and can accompany myself on solos with the accordion, sometimes dueting with my husband. I enjoy serving God. I enjoy sewing and crochetting and crafts.
I also enjoy the privilege of babysitting my grandkids and being with all my family! I always have an attitude of gratitude to God for His blessings in giving me such a wonderful privilege!
At the present time, I am still editor of our school's yearbook and it was my privilege again to coordinate the Christmas program for the school. That should be enough about anyone!!


Here are some pictures of our grandkids. We are so proud of them!
Sarah is involved in a lot of traveling, as Belinda is going to Pharmacy School.
Right now, Julia and Christopher, 4 and 2, are with Grandma Alexander and will probably be with us this Friday until Jen and Rick return from a trip to Japan. It was a special Christmas present to Jen, since she had never been out of the country and Rick wanted her to meet the Millers, a missionary family he stayed with while stationed in Japan a few months ago. Anyway, here are some pictures of them. Belinda and Joseph haven't had a chance yet to get a new family picture made. I will post that when we get one. Enjoy! And Happy New Year to all of you!

Friday, December 19, 2008

WHBC Annual Christmas Program 2008

Well! It has been a long time since I typed anything new on my blog! I have been busy getting a school Christmas program ready. Of course, there were other things that kept me busy, too. Remember, I told you all that I am a grandma and our oldest daughter is attending Charleston University Pharmacy School. We have been babysitting our granddaughter, Sarah Ashby.
There is a lot to tell since I last typed! Our son Matthew is engaged to be married March 21st and we are excited to have our first daughter-in-law, Crystal Mace.
Crystal's dad has been very ill since his stroke that almost took him to Heaven. The family is hoping he can come to the wedding in a wheelchair if nothing else. We are praying he will be able to. It seems he has indicated so.
Matthew just turned 26 and on his birthday, Dec. 18, he had the privilege of starting in his new job at Tasty Blend Foods. He is very happy to be out of McDonald's, even though they were very good and were very understanding when he had his cancer treatments several years ago in 2003. Anyone who has worked in fast food restaurants knows what is means to be tired. Sometimes you can get stuck with it all when others don't show up for work and you work early, early! You must rise from sleep at 3am every morning! He is very happy!
Well, right now I need to go and get ready to go to town. Our school is putting out a new Defender. That is our school paper. It is a big job, and they still need help finishing up. I also have things to put away from the Christmas program, so I must go now. Have a Merry and Christ-filled Christmas and a Happy New Year!
Until next time,
Karen Double